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Corey Bolwyn - Maya Artist
Corey Bolwyn - Maya Artist
Corey Bolwyn - Maya Artist
Corey Bolwyn - Maya Artist
Corey Bolwyn - Maya Artist

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Below is a list of links to tutorials and books that I have found helpful and really enjoyed over the past. Some of them are from top industry professionals, such as the new 'Professional MEL Solutions For Production' book by my friend Kevin Mannens.

Hopefully I will put a couple of my own up here real soon when I feel I have something worthy to share.

Good luck, and I hope these links help bring you some answers to tough problems.


Maya Tutorials
NEW!! MEL Scripting
  arrow Professional MEL Solutions For Production
  arrow Palm Tree Tutorial
Blast Code Tutorials    
  arrow Basic Techniques for Blowing Things Up
  arrow Longer, Advanced Blow Up Tutorials
Syflex Tutorials    

Digital Tutors

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Syflex Website

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Shave and Haircut Tutorials    

Joe Alter Website

  arrow Basic to Intermediate

Digital Tutors Website

  arrow Free Shave and Haircut Tutorials
Real Flow Tutorials    

Next Limit

  arrow Portal for Real Flow Training

Digital Tutors Website

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